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Chiropractor in Sacramento Helps Me with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Pain and Coldness

I started my back pain journey by feeling a funny sensation in my right shoulder. It was mild, and I could get it to quit by adjusting how I sat at my desk chair. Then I would find myself slouching back into the position that caused me the pain, and I would adjust myself again. Over time it got worse. I felt tingling and pain. Then I felt coldness in my hand that used the computer mouse. I went to a doctor who then sent me to a chiropractor in Sacramento after my imaging results did not show any blood vessel, tissue or bone problems.

The chiropractor was suspecting a combination of problems that lead to nerve impingement and thoracic outlet syndrome. My leaning forward was pressing on blood vessels and nerves that travel through a narrow space in the front of my shoulder. This was causing the funny feelings in my hand and the coldness.

My Wife Told Me There Was No Way We Could Give Up Some of Our Family Members

My wife was mortified when I told her that I thought it might be a good idea for us to get rid of both our cats and dogs. I explained that I felt that my migraines that I suffered from daily were thanks to allergies to our pets, As much as I love them, I also knew that I wanted to feel better. Instead, she told me that I should go see a chiropractor in Philadelphia PA because she felt that might be the way to get rid of my headaches.

Both my wife and I are big animal lovers, and there is no way that I would give up my pets for no reason at all. Our oldest cat is 15 years old, and our dog is 12 years old. The thought of giving them up broke my heart, and I know that it really upset here when I found her crying after telling her that I had been thinking of getting rid of our animals. My wife looked at me with tears in her eyes as she told me that she couldn’t get rid of our furry family members.

I made an appointment with a chiropractor right away because I really believed that my wife was correct and that I should try a different avenue rather than just getting rid of our pets first. The chiropractor told me that it may be very true that I am having allergy problems, but he also explained that simple treatment from him could help alleviate my problem right away. He was right, and now I have no more migraines! Our family is still intact, and I now understand that my wife is an intelligent lady and family is forever. My head no longer hurts, and I still get to give our dogs and cats the love that they deserve every day.