Monthly Archives: February 2017

My Back Started to Hurt After I Retired

When I retired is when my back started to hurt. I had a physically demanding job, and I worked out to be able to do it. I still work out, but I did not have all those other hours five days per week of doing my job. I should have rode my mountain bike more and moved more during the week. I let my back muscles weaken just enough to start me down a path of spinal misalignment. My San Diego chiropractor has been adjusting my back to alleviate the pain, and I received some very specific exercises to strengthen specific muscle groups in my back to help keep my spine in alignment.

The adjustments are better than painkillers.

A Weight Loss Program to Ease Back Pain

Who knew that a Phoenix chiropractor could help me lose weight? Not only that, he could explain to me how losing weight would help persistent back pain. I never thought about an association between the two, but it makes sense. Being morbidly obese puts a lot of strain on the body. Almost every part of your body will suffer if you are excessively heavy. Me being over one hundred pounds overweight for most of my life wasn’t a problem when I was younger, but now that I’m in middle age it’s become a serious health issue.

I knew all about the high blood pressure, diabetes risk, metabolic syndrome issues, joint pain, heart attacks, and possible strokes. What I didn’t think about was how all that weight puts an enormous amount of pressure on your back.