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Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Cured By Penis Enlargement Gels

The basis of life formation is sex. Without sex, life is not possible in the world. Life forms in the female reproductive organ when the sperm from the male reproductive organ fuses with it. In order to come in contact with the ovum, the sperm should travel the female reproductive tract. The semen is the fluid which helps in the movement of sperm through the duct. Semen is a viscous fluid which passes through the ducts and contains the seminal fluids. It carries the sperm through the penis and ejaculates the spermatozoa inside the female tract. It contains all the nutrients like, urea, nitric acid, protein etc. for the survival of the sperm. Out of 400 to 500 million sperms ejected into the female tract only 100 to 200 survive and out of which, only one healthy sperm fertilizes the ovary. This is how survival continues in any living organism. Sperm gets ejected from the penis only when the penis is hard and erected. During sexual act, male penis is enriched with blood flow which increases the size of the penis.

Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Cured By Penis Enlargement Gels

Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement plays a vital role in impotency. If the penis does not enlarge naturally, then it is a sign of erectile dysfunction in males. Erectile dysfunction can lead to depression in males due to absence of sexual activity. Healthy eating habits and exercise will help naturally boosting blood flow to the tissue surrounding the penis, thus making is hard and erect. Lack of exercise and unhealthy food habits with alcohol consumption and smoking only leads to erectile dysfunction. There are artificial ways of making the penis harder and stand for a long time. They are the penis enlargement gels, namely the titan gel pareri. Such gels when applied on the penis 40 minutes before the sexual act helps in increasing the blood flow to the penis and erects the penis automatically.

Penis enlargement gel

The gel was made from the glands of the Guantam frog. This frog can be found in the South America and is used for many years for better sexual performance and increase in penis size. They apply the glands of the guantam frog directly on the penis. This can be uncomfortable. The gel formulated with these glands with a unique formula is the titan gel pareri. It is less expensive and gives intense sensation.