A Weight Loss Program to Ease Back Pain

Who knew that a Phoenix chiropractor could help me lose weight? Not only that, he could explain to me how losing weight would help persistent back pain. I never thought about an association between the two, but it makes sense. Being morbidly obese puts a lot of strain on the body. Almost every part of your body will suffer if you are excessively heavy. Me being over one hundred pounds overweight for most of my life wasn’t a problem when I was younger, but now that I’m in middle age it’s become a serious health issue.

I knew all about the high blood pressure, diabetes risk, metabolic syndrome issues, joint pain, heart attacks, and possible strokes. What I didn’t think about was how all that weight puts an enormous amount of pressure on your back. Think about it: if you spend a third of your life sleeping on your back in bed, what supports all that weight? Your back. I don’t know about you but I find that pretty alarming. It’s no wonder I would wake up with a stiff and aching spine. I thought it was my mattress. No, it was all that weight pushing down on my spine.

The chiropractor is attentive to this issue and thinks about the whole body when working to alleviate back pain. That is why he worked with me to develop an effective weight loss program even as he helped treat my painful spine. He even worked B vitamin injections into the plan as well as an exercise program to help shed the pounds. I appreciated the fact that the program is a progressive one in that as I lose more weight, I can do more exercises. He’s not cramming everything on me at once. I’ve never had anyone work this closely with me to help me become healthy.