Chiropractor in Sacramento Helps Me with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Pain and Coldness

I started my back pain journey by feeling a funny sensation in my right shoulder. It was mild, and I could get it to quit by adjusting how I sat at my desk chair. Then I would find myself slouching back into the position that caused me the pain, and I would adjust myself again. Over time it got worse. I felt tingling and pain. Then I felt coldness in my hand that used the computer mouse. I went to a doctor who then sent me to a chiropractor in Sacramento after my imaging results did not show any blood vessel, tissue or bone problems.

The chiropractor was suspecting a combination of problems that lead to nerve impingement and thoracic outlet syndrome. My leaning forward was pressing on blood vessels and nerves that travel through a narrow space in the front of my shoulder. This was causing the funny feelings in my hand and the coldness. The bad posture was also causing more spinal nerve impingement higher up in my back in my neck area. I did need to build muscles and force myself to sit correctly, but I needed treatments to relieve the pressure on the nerves and blood vessels.

There was this one maneuver the chiropractor did when I was lying on my back on the treatment table that brought a flood of warmth and feeling to my right arm and hand. It was such as rush of feeling that it felt like it burned. It was like all the dullness and numbness was being turned back up rapidly to normal feeling. It was even a bit uncomfortable for a second as I got used to the warmth and ability to feel again. The adjustment was opening up that thoracic outlet area to let nerve impulses and blood flow more freely. It is amazing how a simple adjustment done by a professional can relieve so much pain.