Curb Food Cravings Tips

French fries. Ice cream. Bacon. Chocolate. What do they have in common? We want them – now! Find out what’s behind our food cravings, and the best ways to tame them. Plus, our experts suggest smarter snacks…

You’re having a rotten day. Suddenly, you’re jonesing for a chocolate bar. Or you’re watching late-night TV and absolutely need a bowl of rocky road.

What’s up?

About 90% of women have insistent cravings for specific foods, says Susan B. Roberts, Ph.D., professor of nutrition at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Nutrition Center at Tufts University and author of The “I” Diet(Workman Publishing).

Only half of men, on the other hand, have snack attacks. Theirs are usually for hearty meals, while women want grab-and-go treats, according to Hwa Jung Oh, a researcher at the School of Sport and Health Sciences at Exeter University.

When do you give in to your decadent desires? And how can you make better snacking choices? Read on for advice from the experts.